On April 21st 2015 Google is updating its algorithm to include mobile sites in their ranking system.


What does this mean to your business?  First, if you already have a mobile site your ranking could be higher than those who don't, giving you an advantage.  91% of businesses today don't have a mobile site.  Leaving the remaining 9% with an advantage.  Now if you don't currently have a mobile site, then your rank will fall.  Your ranking is based on many factors including links, traffic and now compatibility to mobile devices.


Surfing the Internet on a mobile device is becoming more common then surfing on a desktop computer.  For this reason Google has decided to include mobile sites on its ranking algorithm.


According to a survey by Google the better mobile experience your site offers, the more likely your clients are to make a purchase.


45% of mobile searches are made for making a purchasing decision.


75% of mobile searches cause other actions, including visiting an on-line store, visit a retail store, make a purchase or call the business.  All of this actions occur within an hour of the search.


This is the moment for you to update before Google ranks it lower.


You can check your site for mobility at the Google test site:


Mobile-Friendly Test - Google

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